privacy notice
Preamble is commited to respecting the privacy of all users of its website, the services and products. We ensure that the privacy of all parties is preserved according to the guidelines set by law.

Application of Privacy Statement

This privacy statement provides the guideline for how all information is gathered and dissipated throughout the website, to provide the services and products of, and for all other purposes as the case may be.

Notwithstanding, in any webpage where there is a link to this privacy statement, the information is also gathered, stored, and shared according to the guidelines set by this Privacy Statement.

This privacy statement is not a contract between and the user. It is a summary of the guideline that follows for ensuring that all the data or information collected from the users are collected, stored, and shared to ensure the privacy of the user according to the law.

Collection of Personal Information

The e-mail address is gathered for the purpose of registering at's website. Personal information is gathered for the purpose of designing business cards and other print layouts as that information will appear on the business card. The above mentioned infomation will not be provided for any other purposes for which the information provider did not provide authorization.

Other information may be collected for other purposes, but such information will be exclusively used for the purpose for which the information is provided, and for no other purposes.

Storage of Personal Information

The information provided for printing purposes will be stored in the database of This information is stored for the benefit of the user who provides the information ("Information provider"). The stored information is accessible to the Information Provider on subsequent login, and this information can be used to design other business cards or print layouts; the same information, which was provided previously, does not have to be provided again.

The stored information can be deleted by the Information Provider. The information is deleted from the database when the user deletes the profile.

Security of Information is committed to protecting the information provided. deploys the latest technology for securing and protecting the collected and stored information. However, if any malicious party, through unlawful means, collects the stored information, will not be legally liable. In such situations, will take reasonable steps as permitted by law to remedy the situation, if possible.

Third Party Ad Networks deploys advertisements in third party networks. The information gathered by those third party networks are controlled by the privacy policy and the terms of use of those third party networks.

Use of Cookies uses cookies for the user login process and for other technical purposes. Cookies are used to improve the usability of the website and to give a better user experience while using the website. Cookies are not used to gather any information that is not authorized, and no such information is stored in the database.

Network Information

The network information may be gathered to provide safety and security for using the site. However, such network information is not used for monitoring or for any other type of surveillance.

"Spam" or Unsolicited E-mail does not promote, or support any sort of "Spam" or the sending of unsolicited e-mail. does not share e-mail addresses with any third party. Privacy Statement does not change or replace "Terms and Conditions"

This privacy statement is not an addition to the terms and conditions for using the website and the products and services offered by ("Terms and Conditions"). This privacy statement does not replace the Terms and Conditions in part or as a whole.

Application Law follows the privacy law of the Province of Ontario and Canada, whichever is applicable. To be more specific, follows, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) of the Province of Ontario, and related regulations, and other privacy law as established in the Province of Ontario. Furthermore, also follows the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), and Privacy Act of Canada, related regulations, and other privacy law as established in Canada, as long as such law is not inconsistent with law of the Province of Ontario.

If there is any dispute the applicable law and the jurisdiction will be the law and jurisdiction as outlined in the Terms and Conditions. For clarifications if there are any ambiguities, the jurisdiction is that of the Province of Ontario or Canada, and the law is that of the Province of Ontario or Canada, as the case may be.

Change of Privacy Statement reserves the right to change this privacy statement anytime to reflect any changes in relevant laws or business policies of as permitted by the law or as required by the law.


"GPrint" refers to the division of Gold Line Group, or Gold Line Telemanagement Inc. and includes, without limitations, the corporate entity, the executives and the managers of the corporate entity working in the capacity as an agent of the corporation, any other agent of the corporation who has the apparent or ostensible authority to act as an agent.

"User" or "users" refers to the person, party, or entity who uses the website of and uses any services or products, including providing information for visiting the website and for getting any such service or product.